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Not So Mellow Marshmallow Cookies

Well, bakers, we’re back again with another hot topic from our commercial baking community, the Baking Industry Professionals page. As bakery trends evolve and consumer demands change, we are seeing bakers become more innovative and creative with their formulations. One such formulation was introduced to us by a forum member, a vegan marshmallow cookie with an aerated confectionery filling. The main issue for this baker is the growing pains associated with upscaling the formulation for the filling, leading it to not set properly.

Going Against Gravity

Currently, this conversation is continuing in our forums, but plenty of advice has been offered up to this point. In my experience, the first area bakers should troubleshoot is the mixing equipment. Even if the equipment has been purchased secondhand, many manufacturers may still support it and offer advice surrounding potential issues the equipment could be causing. Since the application that’s causing problems is aerated, adjusting equipment settings or how the filling is processed could be the easiest solution.

However, another forum member has also suggested checking and comparing the specific gravity of this aerated confectionery filling. Specific gravity shows the amount of aeration, or air movement, in specific batters, allowing bakers to determine if it is too dense or not. In this regard, the issue may be that the final mixing head pressure needs to be lowered to achieve the appropriate specific gravity for the filling.

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